Yesterday, I took my sister-in-law, Christine, her grandson (my great-nephew, Sebastian), and his mother, Linda, on a boat ride up the St. Johns River.  We saw a gar jump out of the water attacking another fish, and then watched as the gar swam away with the fish in his mouth.  We saw some great blue herons, tons of turtles, a nest with two baby osprey, a house boat, and lots of alligators.  One house had a large pelican statue and a gator statue on their dock.  When we were headed back to the dock, Linda asked Sebastian to tell me what he was going to get for lunch on the way home, and he told me, “Donald’s Chicken!”  It was so much fun spending the morning with them!

Yesterday, I took my other brother, Derryl, out on the water.  He broke two records with the fish he caught.  His catch was the smallest sea robin ever caught on my boat, and also, the smallest fish ever caught on my boat.  It looked like the stork had just dropped it in the water.  He did say, “A fish in the boat is still a fish!”  Shortly after this record breaking catch, we started to move to another spot when a huge tarpon rolled off the starboard side of the boat.  My best estimate is that it had to weigh around 70 pounds.  It was a beautiful fish!  Then we saw a large ray with a wingspan of 3-4 feet come flying straight up out of the water into the air about 5 feet high.  It was a spectacular sight, but happened too quickly to get a picture.  We then had to race back to the dock to avoid an approaching cell of bad weather and lightning.  Although it was a relatively short trip, we had fun, and finished with a great lunch at Captain’s BBQ.


Had a great time fishing with Debbie today!  She brought in a few catfish, then pulled in a Black Drum.  It wasn't a keeper, but it was fun to watch her bring it to the boat.

Phyllis started off the morning with the first, the most, and the biggest by bringing to the boat a ladyfish which didn’t stick around long enough to have her picture taken.  Debbie followed up pulling in a sheepshead, and remarkably, Phyllis caught its twin.  Three underslot reds then decided to line up and take their turns on Debbie’s line, knowing we would have to return them to the water.  The last fish of the day was a keeper flounder, which Phyllis decided was a catch-and-release flounder.  Captain’s BBQ was our reward after a fun day on the water.

While Ty and Erica caught mangrove snapper, catfish, and ladyfish, Jim pulled in this mutton snapper, and also woke up this oyster and pulled it off its bed. The redfish and flounder, however, decided to rest and took the Labor Day holiday off.

Tropical Storm Emily's departure gave Jim a nice breeze in which to catch this nice 19.5 inch, 3 pound, Back-To-School doormat!  Knowing that being skunked is for the birds, Jay brought in a Sea Robin, which spread out it's "wings" for this picture, before being let free to soar back to the bottom of the flats for it's next meal.

Several days ago, Phyllis and I decided to get on the water and teach the dolphins about social distancing.  They were more interested to show us how much fun they were having socializing.  After saying goodbye to the dolphins, Phyllis caught a whiting, and then we caught a great takeout lunch at Captain’s BBQ!  A beautiful day all around!

I had the pleasure of taking Teresa, Michelle, and Tammy fishing yesterday.  Michelle caught the first fish, a dinner plate flounder.  Just minutes later, Teresa caught a nice black drum.  Michelle caught another flounder, then brought in a jack crevalle.  Teresa followed up with another black drum.  She then brought a flounder toward the boat, but it must have had dentures, because all that came in was one section of the teeth.  Next, she had on what appeared to be a nice redfish, but it threw the hook and got off before reaching the boat.  Tammy had some nice bites, but didn’t land any fish.  She did, however, land the largest pack of oysters I’ve ever seen caught on rod and reel.  Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of Tammy’s catch.  We did have a great time watching dolphins chase and circle fish.  I enjoyed the day with the three friends, and want to thank Teresa for her military service in the army, as well as thanking Michelle and Tammy for the work they do to help victims of domestic violence.  While they were eating lunch at Captain's BBQ, I cleaned the two flounder and the two black drum for them to take home and enjoy for dinner.  Hopefully they found no bones!


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of taking siblings Vickey, Rick, and their Uncle Jerry out on the water for fishing and sightseeing.  Their family has an annual tradition of enjoying outdoor fun together!  Vickey started the day with oysters on the half-shell!  Rick pulled in a sheepshead, and also a rare Florida Under Armour floater.  Vickey matched his sheepshead with one of her own, while Uncle Jerry pulled in several croakers.  I learned a lot about Pittsburgh from them, and they got the opportunity to see some of historic Florida, along with the unspoiled wild Florida.  We topped the day off with a great meal at Captain's BBQ! 


Last Friday, as I was baiting a hook, I asked the shrimp to invite a fish to dinner. His invitation must have been cordial, because he came back with this delicious flounder.  Sauteed in butter, with a little salt and pepper, he was paired with a plate of steamed shrimp, which was a nice addition to happy hour!  Debbie caught a trio of reds on three consecutive casts, one right after the other!  Although they were underslot, it was nice to see them hitting the bait!  The weather and water was just about perfect!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to fish with Tom, President/CEO of Nark-O-Lures, and Bob, Senior Engineer of Nark-O-Lures, manufacturers of hand-tied Buck Tail Jigs.  The wind and the waves couldn’t keep these fish under the surface:  a 14-inch redfish, a 15-inch trout, and a wily Jack Crevalle.  After a few pictures with this team, the fish were returned to live on and grow!  Another fish, a shy catfish, refused to have its picture taken and was returned to the water to escape the weather.

While fishing with Paul and Debbie yesterday, Debbie caught the most fish, and the most variety of fish, however, Paul drummed up a nice keeper, which he let me take home for dinner.  This black drum was very delicious, with some butter, some lime juice, and some Everglades seasoning!


Monday was near perfect on the water!  Crystal caught a jewel of a spotted seatrout, a nice overslot fish to start our day!  Patrick followed up with a seatrout of his own!  The day continued on with catches including a small black drum, mangrove snapper, and catfish.  One of the bright spots of the day was when a small manatee swam right by the boat.  We had a great day on the water, and then finished with BBQ at Captain's BBQ!

I took my great-nephew, Sebastian, his mother, Linda, and my brother, Derryl, on a sightseeing tour today along the St. John’s River.  Linda said that Sebastian has been talking about “boat ride, boat ride” since last night!  At first, Sebastian was a little unsure of his life vest, but once we got going, he was all smiles!  We put in at Lake Monroe Park on the north side of the river.  The water level was fairly high, so when we went under the railroad bridge, I had to duck down, otherwise, I would have looked like a cartoon character getting whacked on the forehead.  We cruised up to Blue Springs.  We didn’t see any manatees, but he saw birds, a turtle, and an alligator!  As we took pictures of the alligator, he kept saying, “Alligator, Alligator!” and kept pointing at it.  The water was so still, that the alligator's reflection looked like he was holding another alligator upside down.  When we started to pull away, he waved, and said, “Bye Bye Alligator!”  He waved at other boaters and smiled as they went by.  He also got a kick from the whistle that was attached to his life vest.  He kept trying to blow it, and with a little instruction from his mom and granddad, he got it to work!  It was his first time on a boat, and I was glad to share the experience with him, his mother, and his granddad!


In the wake of flooding from Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria stirring things up off the coast, the water level at low tide was higher than I’ve ever seen.  The fish must have gone into hiding from the storms, however, Joe and Henry managed to catch a few stray cats.

I took the boat out today to do a little scouting.  With all the oysters, I should have taken some crackers and hot sauce with me.  Even though I was by myself, I wasn’t alone.   The dolphins were very active today, feeding and playing very near the boat.  I also scared up quite a few stingrays.  It was very quiet and peaceful on the water!  As usual, I ended the outing with a great lunch at Captain’s BBQ, and then headed for home.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


Tuesday’s weather was near perfect on the water.  Patty started the morning with a little catfish, and then pulled in a stingray, which we kept in the net for a photo.  Jeff snagged a little trout, and then another catfish.  Right before Cliff pulled in this jack crevalle, he had the largest ladyfish I’d ever seen on his line, but after a quick dance on top of the water, the ladyfish threw the hook.  Too bad we didn’t have a camera ready for that!  After fishing, our day became even more exciting.  We took a tour trip up the river, and on the way back to Bing’s Landing, we came upon a stranded boat and were able to assist them in getting help.  Captain’s BBQ awaited Cliff, Patty, Jeff, and Sue after we docked!

Bald Eagle Fishing Charters, LLC.

Intracoastal Charter Fishing

in beautiful Palm Coast targeting Redfish and Flounder

(and anything else that may bite)

I had a great time yesterday with Jacqueline and her Dad, Howard!  She learned how to maneuver the rod and reel, and became quite the castmaster!  Within the first few minutes of the day, Jacqueline started by pulling in a 17½ inch redfish, which was just a little too small to keep, but fun for her to bring in!  Her Dad continued on, as he was not about to be skunked!  He caught a mangrove snapper, and then he closed the day out with a 19 inch redfish, which he and Jacqueline took home for dinner!  What a fun day with them!

Last Friday, Amber, Ginger, and Timmy came aboard for a cruise and some fishing.  On this trip, I taught Timmy how to fish.  On his next trip, I’m going to teach him how to catch!  He hooked into a very large fish, however, it broke the line!  We had a great time, and he loved being on the water!

Yesterday, Tony was my first international customer. He lives in New Zealand, and was here visiting his family in the Orlando area. He wanted an opportunity to experience fishing while here. We had a great time on the water, and he was excited to catch some trout and sheepshead. He is an avid kayak fisherman, and I enjoyed learning about him and his country.

Last week, I had the pleasure of taking Ray and Cathy out on the water.  They came down from Connecticut, and were staying in St. Augustine for vacation.  They mainly wanted to do some sightseeing, with a little fishing mixed in.  They got to see dolphins, the clam farm, Fort Matanzas, and some beautiful scenery!  I kept asking Mark why he wasn’t catching any fish, and he said probably because his name was Ray.  We all had a great laugh from that!  After spending time on the water, we finished the day with some great barbecue at Captain’s BBQ.  Can’t wait for them to return and go out again, and maybe, Ray “Mark” will catch some fish!

Several days ago, Henry told his bait to invite some fish for dinner.  The invitation was received by these 14-inch juniors, so they were released to go back and tell their larger relatives the invitation was meant for them.

While others were having margaritas for Cinco de Mayo, I was on the water yesterday with Frank and his son Matt, getting some good fishing in before the storm front came roaring through.  Frank’s first fish was a toothy lizard fish, which didn’t stick around long enough to have his picture taken.  Frank followed up with some catfish, and then Matt joined in on the fun pulling in some cats himself.  A nice Jack Crevalle gave Matt a good fight.  Frank pulled in a sheepshead, which, unlike the lizard fish, was not sheepish about having his picture taken.  On Frank’s last shrimp, he caught a nice appetizer, a mangrove snapper!  After loading the boat and cleaning the snapper, we went into Captain’s BBQ right as the storm front hit.  Normally, we like to sit on the porch for lunch, but the rain was coming in sideways! All in all, it was a very fun day!  I look forward to taking them out again.

See our catches below! 

Fishing was a little spotty yesterday. 

Boston loves his dog, Auggie, but yesterday, decided to spend some time with some catfish and some whiting.  A small seatrout was pulled in as well.  Debbie had the catch of the day with an 8-pound, 27-1/2 inch redfish, and on the next cast, pulled in an under-slot red.  To round out the trip, on the way back to the dock, we saw a small pod of porpoises that decided to give us a show and jump out of the water, spinning as they jumped.  It happened so quickly, we weren't able to get any photos of them, however, it was a great day on the water!

Henry started our week with a taste for oysters using bait to try and catch some crackers and hot sauce.  Joe followed up with a flounder appetizer, but threw him back so he could grow into later meal size.  Henry then fed a mangrove snapper our last shrimp. 

When we arrived to fish today, the parking lot was empty, which I’ve never seen before.  The tides were abnormally high, and with so much water, this may explain why there were no other boaters present.  This didn’t stop us from heading out, and the pelicans even seemed surprised that we were invading their feeding grounds.  I pulled in a small catfish, but he refused to have his picture taken.  Next, I caught a mangrove snapper.  Phyllis caught a nice flounder, but decided he would be happier going back to the depths with a story to tell his friends.  Even though Debbie didn’t have any keepers, she had a good time introducing her shrimp to the bait stealers below.  We completed the trip with a great meal at Captain’s BBQ!  It was nice to be back on the water!

Today, I had the pleasure of taking Weston and his mom, Kelly, fishing and sightseeing.  They were in Palm Coast on vacation from Illinois, and we had a great time together.  Weston was such a cool kid, fun to talk with, and he knew a lot about fishing!  We were hoping to see some dolphin and manatees, however, it was so hot out there, they decided to stay deep underwater where it was cool.  Kelly and Weston caught a variety of fish throughout the morning:  a lizard fish, a sea robin, a flounder, a couple of jack crevalle, a spotted seatrout, a sand seatrout, and a whiting.  At the end of the trip, they cooled off at Captain’s BBQ with a nice lunch.  It was a great day on the water!

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day on the water! While everyone else was floundering around, Pam brought hers to the boat. A 13-inch keeper for her to enjoy! She also brought an oyster to the boat, but this time of year, those are catch and release only. Pam's husband, Henry, caught a "purrfect" catfish. After spending time on the water, they enjoyed a great meal at Captain's BBQ.

Pam gets the credit for taking these pictures from our trip on Monday.  She was the oyster aficionado, pulling in two and hoping for pearls!  Henry had the best seat in the boat, and I believe I actually heard him purr when he pulled this catfish out of the water!  Phyllis didn’t catch any fish on this trip, but she caught a great lunch at Captain’s BBQ, compliments of Henry and Pam!

Returning clients, Tom, President/CEO of Nark-O-Lures, and Bob, Senior Engineer of Nark-O-Lures, manufacturers of hand-tied Buck Tail Jigs, braved the weather this morning to get out on the water.  Bob contacted me prior to going out because the radar didn’t look good.  We did see, however, that the storm front was moving through quickly, and that by the time we reached Bing’s Landing, we would have a nice window of weather in which to fish.  After a slight drizzle, it turned out to be a beautiful day!  Bob caught a pearl of an oyster, but didn’t find a jewel in this one.  Tom, however, showed Bob how to do it with ladyfish, bluefish, and a flounder.  Bob managed to bring in a catfish and a whiting, so at least he wasn’t skunked.  Tom was getting hungry and almost ate his last fish, so we came in and enjoyed a fabulous lunch at Captain’s BBQ!  We had a great time, and I look forward to Tom coming back next year for more adventures!

Phyllis has become quite the "ladyfisher", pulling in this hungry one while keeping her shrimp ready for the next cast!

After a nearly 3-month-hiatus resulting from a defective trailer on November 7, I am pleased to announce that I am back on the water!   I would like to thank Jason, Tommie, and Rodney at Big Boys Play Toys in Palatka, Florida, for all of their hard work in getting me set up with my new trailer that fits perfectly in my garage.  I decided to brave the cold weather this morning and was entertained by the dolphins.  They were playful and fun to watch, and having a good time with each other.  The fish were not very active this morning, however, so I decided to call it a day, and meet some friends at Captain's BBQ for a delicious lunch before heading home.  I did release the remaining 40 or so shrimp that I didn't use, and they quickly swam away when they hit the water.  They were the lucky winners of the day!

I took Don and Chris out on the water yesterday.  Although it was very windy, and somewhat choppy, Chris ended the day with the first fish caught, the most fish caught, and the heaviest fish caught.  The pinfish, which was slimy to Chris, was the first fish she had ever held, so she elected for me to hold her ladyfish while Don took a picture of it.  I enjoyed taking them out on the water and look forward to taking them out again.

My wife, Phyllis, caught two spotted trout, she threw her hook in, and pulled them both out. Such a great day on the water with beautiful weather!

The first day after July 4 started my first charter, and to make it more special, I was able to take a great friend of my father along with his grandsons on this first charter.   Grandpa watched the grandsons catch a small redfish, some catfish, and some mangrove snapper, but then he stepped up and pulled in this nice 17.5" flounder!  Way to go Grandpa!  Although grandpa pulled in a nice flounder, one of his grandsons was proud to share his redfish before throwing it back to grow up. 


Fishing was slow this morning, with only a sailcat, several regular cats, and a sea robin.  The most exciting part of the morning was seeing this Florida submarine surface to stalk a bird.  He was rather large, about 10 feet long.  Not sure if he ever caught the bird, but he wasn’t shy about getting his picture taken.

My brother, David, drove all the way from New Mexico to go fishing with me.  Yesterday, we had a great time fishing in different spots!  We started off with some small catfish, and then David caught a scar-mouthed croaker.  Someone had obviously hooked him before and tore the hook right out through the front of his mouth.  The fish did not want a front view posted online, but agreed to a side view.  David then had a great time pulling in a hard fighting Jack Crevalle, and then belly-hooked a pinfish.  I caught a sea robin, which took my shrimp, but I got my hook back.  In another spot, the flounder were biting, and David pulled in dinner, not for him, but for us, since he was traveling.  (It was delicious coming off the grill last night!)  He hooked several more, but they played Houdini and disappeared when they got near the boat.  At one point in our day, the tables were turned.  A greedy dragonfly spotted me and decided he would try to catch me and carry me off for his dinner.  It was about a ten minute struggle for him, but I guess he finally realized I was overslot, so he had to throw me back.  Since David provided dinner, I treated him to lunch at Captain’s BBQ.  Always delicious!  We had a great time, and I’m glad I got to spend the day fishing with him!