I took Don and Chris out on the water yesterday.  Although it was very windy, and somewhat choppy, Chris ended the day with the first fish caught, the most fish caught, and the heaviest fish caught.  The pinfish, which was slimy to Chris, was the first fish she had ever held, so she elected for me to hold her ladyfish while Don took a picture of it.  I enjoyed taking them out on the water and look forward to taking them out again.

​Trip Date:  11/1/18

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to fish with Tom, President/CEO of Nark-O-Lures, and Bob, Senior Engineer of Nark-O-Lures, manufacturers of hand-tied Buck Tail Jigs.  The wind and the waves couldn’t keep these fish under the surface:  a 14-inch redfish, a 15-inch trout, and a wily Jack Crevalle.  After a few pictures with this team, the fish were returned to live on and grow!  Another fish, a shy catfish, refused to have its picture taken and was returned to the water to escape the weather.

​Trip Date:  4/8/18

Boston loves his dog, Auggie, but yesterday, decided to spend some time with some catfish and some whiting.  A small seatrout was pulled in as well.  Debbie had the catch of the day with an 8-pound, 27-1/2 inch redfish, and on the next cast, pulled in an under-slot red.  To round out the trip, on the way back to the dock, we saw a small pod of porpoises that decided to give us a show and jump out of the water, spinning as they jumped.  It happened so quickly, we weren't able to get any photos of them, however, it was a great day on the water!

​Trip Date:  6/13/18

Monday was near perfect on the water!  Crystal caught a jewel of a spotted seatrout, a nice overslot fish to start our day!  Patrick followed up with a seatrout of his own!  The day continued on with catches including a small black drum, mangrove snapper, and catfish.  One of the bright spots of the day was when a small manatee swam right by the boat.  We had a great day on the water, and then finished with BBQ at Captain's BBQ!

​Trip Date:  7/2/18

Last Friday, Amber, Ginger, and Timmy came aboard for a cruise and some fishing.  On this trip, I taught Timmy how to fish.  On his next trip, I’m going to teach him how to catch!  He hooked into a very large fish, however, it broke the line!  We had a great time, and he loved being on the water!

​Trip Date:  7/27/18

I had a great time yesterday with Jacqueline and her Dad, Howard!  She learned how to maneuver the rod and reel, and became quite the castmaster!  Within the first few minutes of the day, Jacqueline started by pulling in a 17½ inch redfish, which was just a little too small to keep, but fun for her to bring in!  Her Dad continued on, as he was not about to be skunked!  He caught a mangrove snapper, and then he closed the day out with a 19 inch redfish, which he and Jacqueline took home for dinner!  What a fun day with them!

Trip Date:  7/18/18

Had a great time fishing with Debbie today!  She brought in a few catfish, then pulled in a Black Drum.  It wasn't a keeper, but it was fun to watch her bring it to the boat.

​Trip Date:  9/28/18



​FOR 2018

Tuesday’s weather was near perfect on the water.  Patty started the morning with a little catfish, and then pulled in a stingray, which we kept in the net for a photo.  Jeff snagged a little trout, and then another catfish.  Right before Cliff pulled in this jack crevalle, he had the largest ladyfish I’d ever seen on his line, but after a quick dance on top of the water, the ladyfish threw the hook.  Too bad we didn’t have a camera ready for that!  After fishing, our day became even more exciting.  We took a tour trip up the river, and on the way back to Bing’s Landing, we came upon a stranded boat and were able to assist them in getting help.  Captain’s BBQ awaited Cliff, Patty, Jeff, and Sue after we docked!

​Trip Date:  5/1/18

Henry started our week with a taste for oysters using bait to try and catch some crackers and hot sauce.  Joe followed up with a flounder appetizer, but threw him back so he could grow into later meal size.  Henry then fed a mangrove snapper our last shrimp.

Trip Date:  4/30/18 

Several days ago, Henry told his bait to invite some fish for dinner.  The invitation was received by these 14-inch juniors, so they were released to go back and tell their larger relatives the invitation was meant for them.

​Trip Date:  2/12/18

Yesterday, Tony was my first international customer. He lives in New Zealand, and was here visiting his family in the Orlando area. He wanted an opportunity to experience fishing while here. We had a great time on the water, and he was excited to catch some trout and sheepshead. He is an avid kayak fisherman, and I enjoyed learning about him and his country.

Trip Date:  1/11/18