Fishing was a little spotty yesterday.

Trip Date:  11/9/17 

In the wake of flooding from Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria stirring things up off the coast, the water level at low tide was higher than I’ve ever seen.  The fish must have gone into hiding from the storms, however, Joe and Henry managed to catch a few stray cats.

​Trip Date:  9/25/17

My wife, Phyllis, caught two spotted trout, she threw her hook in, and pulled them both out. Such a great day on the water with beautiful weather!

​Trip Date:  11/2/17


The first day after July 4 started my first charter, and to make it more special, I was able to take a great friend of my father along with his grandsons on this first charter.   Grandpa watched the grandsons catch a small redfish, some catfish, and some mangrove snapper, but then he stepped up and pulled in this nice 17.5" flounder!  Way to go Grandpa!  Although grandpa pulled in a nice flounder, one of his grandsons was proud to share his redfish before throwing it back to grow up.

Trip Date:  7/5/17 


While fishing with Paul and Debbie yesterday, Debbie caught the most fish, and the most variety of fish, however, Paul drummed up a nice keeper, which he let me take home for dinner.  This black drum was very delicious, with some butter, some lime juice, and some Everglades seasoning!

Trip Date:  8/31/17




​FOR 2017

While Ty and Erica caught mangrove snapper, catfish, and ladyfish, Jim pulled in this mutton snapper, and also woke up this oyster and pulled it off its bed. The redfish and flounder, however, decided to rest and took the Labor Day holiday off.

​Trip Date:  9/4/17

Tropical Storm Emily's departure gave Jim a nice breeze in which to catch this nice 19.5 inch, 3 pound, Back-To-School doormat!  Knowing that being skunked is for the birds, Jay brought in a Sea Robin, which spread out it's "wings" for this picture, before being let free to soar back to the bottom of the flats for it's next meal.

​Trip Date:  8/1/17